Our Vision

to be mediators in providing our customers with the ideal solutions in the field of human resources consultations .

Customers :

Our target is to build up long term relations and partnership with our customers . Therefore, we have committed ourselves to be the optimal example for their expectations .

Solutions :

We have put our experience, approach and tools within our first interests . We have determined to present creative, ideal and successful solutions to be appropriate to all the variable needs of our customers .

Human Resources :

We have committed to the fact that the Companies' key to success is the human resources . Therefore, we have taken the responsibility to be the connection between the two parties .

Our Experience :

ELITE is a consultation company specialized in presenting the ideal solutions in the field of human resources consultation, recruitment services and selection of proficient executive personnel . It has confirmed its commitment and capability as a professional recruitment agency to provide its customers from all medical, commercial, industrial and services sectors, with all kinds and types of human cadres qualified educationally and practically, in addition to the experience . Our target depends on good searching and selection to afford full satisfaction for both parties, employer and employee, towards achieving the best investment and operating these proficient personnel, together with commitment to disciplinary professional behavior and good manners to achieve your companies' targets and to realize high grade of profit and development .

Since the establishment of ELITE , its main target was to assist the companies interested in the Syrian Employees, to find the suitable employee to contribute effectively in the company's success . In order to be able to find the employee competent to any job, one of our work fundamentals was the understanding of our customers needs through continuous communication and working on meeting them, for realizing optimal performance . This has been through the long experience we have acquired from providing the leading companies with the best human cadres .

ELITE working team consists of consultant executives, holders of high degrees, of wide and deep practical experience in the field of human resources management, recruitment, acquaintance with work and laborers laws, and traditions enforced in the job market, and full knowledge of the legal procedures for joining the work .

ELITE was founded through a partnership between :

Ahmad Hani Shakrouf - Executive Manager

Fadi Mohammad Adli Madi - Sales & Marketing Manager,

who believed that employment processes are passing through a condition of challenge . Therefore, they have undertaken to present high quality service to the customers who trusted them to achieve their targets .

You will find in ELITE team all the characteristics and properties of the good partner and friend

ELITE is working today with the same professional spirit in extending its previous activities to meet the requirements of each of the human elements and the companies all year round . Our experience turned into a consultant means to serve the employer and the job seeker .

In ELITE, we put at your disposal our specialized knowledge and solid reputation

Our Approach :

To move on with the development process in the world of business, ELITE has entered a new concept for the recruitment agencies . In ELITE, we deal with all trends of work fields through a different viewpoint in order to form a basic structure, effective in the development of companies and individuals . ELITE is specialized in activities such as a complete employment assignment , starting from planning and development through the institutional management of the business, providing thereby a comprehensive concentration on the human element development in the company and personnel career of the individuals . This focus on the activities leads to a vital framework that keeps up with the updating in the institutions' business administration and with the contemporary global growth .

Our comprehensive approach to the career provides the necessary scaffolds to fit the nowadays speed

Our Mission :

ELITE has a double target embodied in one purpose . We, in ELITE, believe in our enhancement role in human capacities consolidation and contribution in company growth . We are committed to help people to realize continuous personal development for their career, with the same degree of importance to meet the needs of the company of proficient manpower to support their progress and flourish .

From the purposes of our profession's affairs administration are :

  • Contribution in serving the new graduates to prepare them well to compete in the job market, to qualify them for better career, and to acquaint them with the requirements and needs of the employers .
  • Facilitation of employers' duty from local and abroad in attracting and recruiting & employing the Syrian skilled manpower & workforce and the continuity of their leading role in the job market .
  • Establishing a system that achieves interconnect between job seekers and employers in service of the mutual interests .
  • Participation in founding a mechanism contribute in the execution of the development and training programs, in cooperation with the training centers for the purpose of improving the skills, promoting performance level, and enhancing the individuals' experiences .
  • Helping the employers to choose specialized training courses and programs in the relevant professional fields to improve their employees' performance on the job .

ELITE works on serving the society towards better future

This is considered an indication for the first step towards a combined project to coordinate the efforts aiming at promotion and development of the human resources .
ELITE works for :

  • Empowering the individuals to become independent and self initiative in taking the decisions about their career process.
  • Competing in finding employment opportunities .
  • Enhancing the professional structure of work and human resources .
  • Contributing in keeping the continuity of the leading role of the Syrian human resources .
  • ELITE operates on achieving the duty of consolidating the leading role of the Syrian workforce

About us

SyrianElite.com provides a complete set of the untraditional, sole, prime, integral and comprehensive solutions for job posting services and online search for employees in Syria. With speed and attention to minute details, in addition to using and applying the most up-to-date technologies, SyrianElite.com website operates on the worldwide internet network with full efficiency in both Arabic and English Languages.