Training & Development

ELITE is distinctive for its distinguished training and development department equipped with the most updated programs and training courses conformable to the accelerated technological development, with high level of efficiency, benefit and influence . Unless the employee keeps to following up the changes in the work modern styles, his proficiency in his present job would soon become old . This is what the training and development department at ELITE performs through its relations with distinguished Centers and Institutes in the execution of the skills improvement programs at various levels . All these programs are developed in conformity with the needs determined for our customers and their requirements

In other words, we concentrate on improving the individuals' skills and promoting their performance through finding awareness for the styles, choices and alternative solutions for settling work problems and development obstacles they may face, by means of the most updated training programs and courses in the new fields of business world, and in conformity with the needs of the individuals and the Company

The increase in the technical development rate accompanied by continuous and growing pressure in the market towards more development, creativeness, diversity in products and services, all are the challenges faced by all kinds of business and companies .

These challenges bring up the subject of strengthening the specialized skills in new fields and developing human resources and individuals towards higher levels of skills . The integration of the training and development represents an effective means for reaching the advantage of competition, and also qualifying the individuals to respond quickly and to adapt with your Company's standards, performance increase programs, or skills improvement .

These programs and courses depend on administrative and teaching staffs of multiple nationalities . ELITE participates effectively in such efforts that provide programs and regular or specific courses in the various fields .

Training on the Soft Skills

You have to develop your employees' skills in accordance with their work environment . Select from ELITE List the training course, or let ELITE determines it according to your Institution's requirements


Training on the Specialized Professional Skills

Train your employees to improve and update their specialized professional skills by using the most updated training techniques . Select from ELITE List the specialized training courses for the specialized professional fields, or you can combine, adapt and modify the programs, and determine the best times to present them or to hold them in conformity with your timetable . Training could be conducted either on site or in a training center affiliated with ELITE

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