To Whom We Serve :

ELITE is your external partner

ELITE is more than services, it is cooperation

Our commitment to assist our candidates builds a fruitful professional life and gives more value to our customers' work . We put all our experience and professional specialization to serve the following :

  • Students from Colleges, Universities and Technical Institutes .
  • Job seekers, including the new graduates and those who have the most experience among the job seekers .
  • Companies, of both Private and Combined Sectors equally .

ELITE should be considered as a center where the job seekers and the employers may meet . Thus, ELITE would have established the first meeting field to form an exhibition for jobs and individuals, and achieved the highest levels of bringing them closer to each other .

We aim through our work in ELITE at contribution in the regional economical growth .

Trust us and we will take care of you

About us provides a complete set of the untraditional, sole, prime, integral and comprehensive solutions for job posting services and online search for employees in Syria. With speed and attention to minute details, in addition to using and applying the most up-to-date technologies, website operates on the worldwide internet network with full efficiency in both Arabic and English Languages.