Apply for and start a job :

Join our Career workshops and learn how to provide an excellent job to you . Know how to reach for a job, how to write power effective curriculum vitae . Practice the interview skills in order to win the job .

In addition, even after you win the job, ELITE will help you through our workshops by facilitating your accommodation with the environment of your new job in your first day of work .

Workshops for applying to a job :

These workshops help by increasing work opportunity and teaching you how to apply successfully to a job and how to give the best possible impression about you . Elite affords to you a number of workshops that help you in preparing for the next stage, and to utilize these workshops as tools to market yourself .

  1. The skills in writing effective curriculum vitae which are basic tools within the group of " Rescue Tools " for any employee . ( Duration : 3 Hours )
  2. Methods of writing an influential cover letter : " Get use of the first look " . ( Duration : 1.5 Hours )
  3. Interview skills, an opportunity for conviction .( Duration : 4 Hours )
  4. Strategies of searching for a job . How to get the job you like .( Duration : 3 Hours )
  5. First day at work .( Duration : 2 Hours )

A workshop to prepare you for the first day at work :

ELITE prepares you to enter into companies . Avoid the cultural shock, and feel immediately with comfort within the environment of your new job .

ELITE makes you more desirable

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