Prepare for your Career and promote it :

The Department of Human Resource Training starts its duty by affording any training or guiding that the new and old employees may need to ensure that they are ready for performing and / or promoting their duties, and for going along with the developments and new techniques in their job .

In order to find a job, to progress in your job, or to keep your professional position, you are in need of continuous training and regular information about the market directions .
For that, we in ELITE provide the job seekers and companies' employees the whole year round with training courses, necessary for the purpose .

Training Courses :

Improve your skills in order to be acceptable to employer with the best results and expectations . The training courses are available at all levels, and they train on the soft skills and the professional skills so that you become the employee that the employer likes to recruit .

Training courses on the soft skills :

Improve your skills that you may use in any work environment, such as communications, personal skills, neuro-language programming, and add them to your professional profile .

Training courses on the professional skills :

Select the specific training course within the field of your benefit . These professional training courses, prepared upon a determined request, are intended at giving you the practical experience required for performing your work more proficiently .

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