ELITE opens the doors to you and gives you a chance to find a job in Syria and the regions . You can find a job from the junior to the Senior positions and levels in the various sectors, available the whole year round .

Our Company's policy is to contact with the candidates before presenting their details to our customers . Soon after you register at our Company you can update your details and your C.V. at any time and can apply directly at any opportunity may arise.
Your name, your contact address and your present and / or your previous employer will be kept with top confidentiality, and will not be disclosed to any proposed employer or any other party .

Last year ELITE could interview more than 1500 candidates and employ more than 300 persons some in Syria and the others in the Arab Gulf .
Employment through ELITE is open to all .
Fill your application online to enter to our database, and leave the rest to the employers to find you .

Be with ELITE :

ELITE has established in Syria a network of Companies, some of which have now big names in the economical field . These Companies refer to ELITE to occupy their vacancies . ELITE has at the regional level cooperation agreements with big recruitment agencies in the Gulf Area . These Companies have more than 70 % of job offers in the area, and these offers pass through the mentioned recruitment agencies .
Archives of our customers contain outstanding institutions . To be acquainted with the full list of our customers in our archives.

Through ELITE, we afford regularly considerable number of work opportunities

Get use of ELITE :

ELITE has prepared and developed a framework combines employee seekers and job seekers through the Internet . Our online system enables employee seekers to be acquainted with all the curriculum vitae available in our database, and job seekers to search for work opportunities available or may rise at any time and to apply for them directly .

Job Offers we afford and communications we conduct make ELITE a leading agency in recruitment sector

About us provides a complete set of the untraditional, sole, prime, integral and comprehensive solutions for job posting services and online search for employees in Syria. With speed and attention to minute details, in addition to using and applying the most up-to-date technologies, website operates on the worldwide internet network with full efficiency in both Arabic and English Languages.