Career Consulting

  • Know yourself and let the employer know what fits you
  • Are you standing at a crossroad in your Career, and you don't know how to move ? We have solved this problem to you .
  • From ELITE you can get whatever consultation you need by using the various consultation styles available to us .
  • Take part in self assessment tests, meet with consultants in Career, and give all the information about the professions you like .

Self- Assessment Questionnaires :

The form of self assessment has become at present one of the main requirements of employers . These tests embody a description to you and enable you to know yourself further for the purpose of determining the position that fits you .

Career Counseling Consultation :

Meet with our Career consultants to get the required consultation that confirms your Career and helps in specifying your objective, knowing yourself further, acquaintance with the needs and requirements of job applicants and employers, and in preparing yourself for their interview .
Our Career consultants helps you in confirming your self determination and improving your capacities in specifying your own Career course .

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