Recruitment Divisions

The Recruitment Dept. At elite" Has two divisions:

1) Medical Recruitment Division:

ELITE is unique recruiting agency in its range of recruitment of medical staff. Its medical data bank is considered the largest and most resourceful. But Syria, basically, is considered rich in its wide-range medical sector and ELITE is taking advantage of its medical care and services, in both private and public sectors.

Our Medical division is capable of providing all kinds of medical expertise for hospitals, external clinics and government institutions. We have a large-scaled availability of ( Consultants, Specialists, Residents and General Medicine Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Medical Engineers and Technicians ), and all kinds of medical care staff.

ELITE is the only Syrian firm utilizing the " Internet Web Site " for recruitment from the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Our medical recruitment team is always keen to attend all medical conferences held in the Middle East, specially the one held annually in Beirut, Lebanon. We also attend the twin conference held in Damascus every year. Such presence enables us to have direct recruitment contacts, particularly on the human resources of the medical sector, not only within Syrian but abroad, as well.

ELITE is always in touch with the international medical organizations who keep us informed and updated of the required standardizations used on global level.

In fact, we were successful in recruiting hundreds of medical staffers of various specializations and we are proud of our employment record in this sector.

2) Specialized Recruitment Division:

Our general specialized and professional recruitment team can easily find, and on the spot, the best qualified human resources.

Each candidate is being chosen to best fit into the required vacancy. we can find qualified personnel and skilled labor for the following sectors:

  1. Commercial and Industrial Companies.
  2. Hotels, Restaurants and Services Companies
  3. Construction and Contracting Companies.
  4. Non-Commercial Organizations
  5. Others.
We have recruited thousands of people for hundreds of companies, and our records are our excellent reference.

ELITE qualified recruitment team enjoys long and well-established experience in all kinds of Human Resources, as we are experts in defining the needs and requirements of the clients and quite aware of the internationally applicable standards.

We are also familiar with the requirement applied in the Gulf region as we have long experience in marketing, sales public relations, personnel, legal affairs, finance administration and others. All this just adds to our good reputation.

We are special because we have the various resources for every profession.

About us provides a complete set of the untraditional, sole, prime, integral and comprehensive solutions for job posting services and online search for employees in Syria. With speed and attention to minute details, in addition to using and applying the most up-to-date technologies, website operates on the worldwide internet network with full efficiency in both Arabic and English Languages.