Recruitmrnt Procedures

Recruitment :

ELITE provides manpower for all the sectors, starting from the junior levels till the senior levels in Syria and abroad.
The unique screening process in ELITE consists of three stages managed by a team of highly qualified personnel

- First Stage :

ELITE` HR Specialists help you in defining your needs and requirements, job description, and determining your candidate's criteria .

- Second Stage :

ELITE` Psychologists or accredited by ELITE will search for prospective candidates , evaluate their personality, and provide complete psychometric analysis for each candidate's Curriculum Vitae consigned to you .

- Thrid Stage :

ELITE` Professional Consultants specialized in the various job fields in house or on assignment , will make a deep verification for the professional skills of the candidates and their competency .

By using our resources, techniques and effective updated tools, ELITE provides the best candidates for the job .

In the process of finding the correct candidate for you, ELITE does not concentrate on the candidate's quality only, but also on the time taken to find him . We give the results during a short time because we have the widest and most comprehensive database and the biggest recruitment team in Syria .

ELITE Database is enhanced and subjected to constantly and permanent updating through our website on internet which is unique in Syria .

ELITE has performed a network for the companies, some of which have become major names in the economical field . They always refer to ELITE to occupy the vacant jobs therein . At the Regional level, ELITE has Cooperation Agreements with major Recruitment Agencies in the Gulf Region, Middle East and North Africa . Thus, ELITE is able to provide and supply employees for the employers in Syria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, …Etc.

Our customers' archive includes outstanding Companies, Institutions and organizations… For acquaintance with full list of the customers' archive, please ask our clients portfolio and clientele .

ELITE Recruitment Procedures :

Step 1 : Defining & Determination & Publication :

( Duration : 3 - 4 Working Days )

  • HR Consultants define and determine the full description of the vacant job
  • ELITE publishes the job offer issued by you through posting it at ELITE website on internet with the required conditions, and through contacting all potential candidates
  • ELITE confirms to the customer that the company / contact information is top confidential and would never be disclosed to others without the personal approval of the customer

Step 2 : Searching , screening and Pre-interviews :Separation and suggesting a short list for the Candidates .

( Duration : 7 - 8 Working Days )

  • ELITE Recruitment Consultants search for the related and relevant Curriculum Vitae, filter them, and determine dates for schedule appointments interviews with the potential e candidates
  • The potential candidates are to be screened and evaluated from two aspects :
    • The Personal Profile : To be evaluated by the psychologists accredited by ELITE, who present a psychoanalysis for each chosen candidate .
    • The professional Skills and Competency Profile:::: To be verified by a team of professional consultants specialized in the various job fields, in house or on assignment , enjoying high skills of culture, experience, ability to test the employees in accordance with the International Standards

To get a deep and accurate idea about each candidate, his qualifications and capabilities, and to submit a brief about him, in addition to excluding the unqualified candidates from the final interview . Thus ELITE suggest to the customer a short list of 2 - 3 candidates probable for the final interview for each position

Step 3 : Interview & Selection :

( Duration : As suitable for you )

  • ELITE coordinates and determines the final interviews dates, and arrange the suitable timetables & schedule between the customers and the candidates for selection
  • In case of selection process success
    • ELITE checks the recommendations and the validity of the Statements of the selected candidate .
    • The consultants of human resources and training at ELITE prepare the candidate for his first day of work .
  • In case of selection process failure:
    • ELITE continues searching by following up the same above order, and further search is to be made through :
    • Announcement ( Journals, Newspapers, Specific Brochures, … etc. )
    • Communication Network ( Universities, Training Center, … etc. ) .
    • Head Hunting and Target Search
  • ELITE confirms to you that the company / contact information is top confidential and would never be disclosed to others without your personal approval

To get benefit of our services, please ask for Recruitment Terms and Conditions and fill and sign it, and send it by fax .

ELITE will give you the results

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