Direct Recruitment

Are you out of Syria ? Do you have problems in recruitment ?

ELITE presents to the Companies the tools to organize and plan employment assignment and process at a distance . We present to the Companies our specialized professional team, our candidates' database, our experience in selection, and necessary following up procedures

How can we be of a help ?

  1. We can help you in determining the accurate characteristics you demand in the candidate : skills, knowledge, conduct, … etc.
  2. We can manage the process starting from announcement up till interview
  3. We can help you in verification operations of the candidate's background, and his promoting from any position to another
  4. We can present to you advice, at need, during negotiation about the Contract
  5. We can present expertise and professional experience to guarantee the success of your searching

ELITE helps you in searching and selecting the candidate that meets your special requirements . Our experience is very valuable in helping you to select the best

About us provides a complete set of the untraditional, sole, prime, integral and comprehensive solutions for job posting services and online search for employees in Syria. With speed and attention to minute details, in addition to using and applying the most up-to-date technologies, website operates on the worldwide internet network with full efficiency in both Arabic and English Languages.